Hiring a Consultant
What to Think About – What to Expect
Reasons for Retaining a Consultant:
Capital Campaigns – For feasibility studies, prospect research,
solicitor training and best practice implementation.
Fundraising Strategy Implementation – Short-term voids in staffing,
opportunities requiring time staff doesn’t have, grant writing, special
events and annual fund campaign planning are good examples.
Audits of Existing Programs – Is our development program operating
effectively? What are the next steps in growing our program? Are we
staffed the way we need to be?
Board Training/Staff Coaching – Board members may want to help but
not know what to do. Staff may need to have some skills strengthened
in order to help a program grow.
Executive Search – Finding a senior development strategist who is also
a good fit for your organization can be time consuming and difficult.
Planned Giving Program Development – Planned giving requires
specific high-level skills that may not be needed full-time.

What a Consultant Can Provide:
  • Technical Expertise
• Best Practice Advice
• Objective, Third-Party Analysis
• Forum for Addressing Concerns
• Program Momentum

What Consultants Can Not/Should Not Do:
  • Create a strong case for support if it doesn’t exist
• Directly solicit gifts
• Ensure leadership and organizational commitment to a project
• Manage a program absent staff involvement
• Create a constituency
• Work on a commission

Advantages of Working with a Consultant:
  • Raise More Money
• In-House Staff Training
• Provides Campaign Discipline and Deadlines
• Confirm and Validate Existing Programs
• Provide Skills not Available In-House

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